What is Agmenity?

agriculture + amenity

Agmenity is a group of passionate food growers who are interested in seeing agriculture change the way we relate to our neighbors. Based in Houston, Texas, Agmenity is a member of the Edible Group, a suite of small businesses involved in the production and consumption of fresh, sustainable foods. Agmenity designs, develops and manages agricultural amenities for businesses, developers and homeowners associations. We believe that by bringing neighbors together to encounter agriculture that we can truly cultivate community.

Our Services

Our expertise with business-to-business relationships provides a single point of contact for the planning, management and accountability of operating an agricultural amenity. Not only can we help you dream it, but we can design, budget, construct, and operate your agricultural-amenity to meet desired objectives.

Consulting & Design

Consulting & Design

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Understanding the demands of agricultural systems is a critical factor in the consideration of community agriculture. Our consulting and design services ensure that each agricultural amenity is planned in a manner that best serves its purpose as a working food production system and community building amenity.



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While much of the infrastructure of an agricultural amenity can be installed by traditional contractors, there are specific components that are best installed by a specialist. Our installation teams are knowledgeable in edible plants and the support systems required for agriculture.



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Our flagship service, Management Contracts, are the surest way to ensure that the benefits of investment in agricultural amenities are capitalized upon. Contracts are custom designed to fit the needs of the project and require little ongoing support from the client.Our clients value our management focus on accountability, efficiency, best farming practices and having a business-to-business relationship.

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Our Creations

Green Thumb?

Agmenity is hiring!

We’re always on the lookout for talented and friendly employees here at Agmenity. Currently we’re in need of Farm Educators at the Harvest Green community in the suburbs of Houston. If you’re passionate about sustainable agriculture and sharing your knowledge with others please follow the instructions in the job description posted here. While full-time agricultural experience is strongly preferred, it isn’t always a requirement. Stay on the lookout for job postings for our next project in Arlington, TX coming early next year.

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Agmenity designs, develops and manages agricultural amenities for communities, developers and homeowners associations. We believe that by bringing neighbors together to encounter agriculture that we can truly cultivate community.

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